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Welcome to Shree Securities

Founded in 2010, the name Shree Securities has become the customer’s first choice due to it’s varied product range & quick service. Today, we are serving many corporates, NGOs, Governments Departments & thousands of housholds across the country. Our head office is located at Pune. Our cutting edge products & best of customer support has took us to the new levels of success. Our visionary founder Mr. Bhushan Salunkhe has never seen back since the inception of company. Currently, we are having clients across the country. We mainly provide product & service support at two main categories.

Perimeter Security Systems

Outdoors mechanical or electronic systems conceived to protect the external perimeter of a facility. Usually, perimeter security is applied in Homeland Security and other private high risk facilities. Our low as well as high end products have created lots of buzz among our cients.


Electronic Security Systems

Our electronic security products are mainly responsible for restricting the unauthorised person to access your property. More the intelligent system, more the security provided, therefore these products ensure that your property is safe & sound.


Our Services

  • security for souses and hotels
    Complete security
    for hotels and houses
  • Corporate security
    Corporate Security
  • CCTV based security
    CCTV Based
    Security Solutions
  • Intrusion detection security solution
    Intrusion Detection
    Security Solution
  • Home security solution
    Smart Card
    Access Reader
  • Social security solution
    Social Security
  • Speed gates security solutions
    Speed Gates
    Security Solutions